Custom Parts and Repair

The elements of billiards are what make us the best in the area for custom parts and billiard replacements. We noticed a trend in billiards, and that trend was that there were a ton of companies all with the same parts and billiard tables, and that there was little variation in what people can buy and what people can expect for their custom billiards table.

We do things differently and have become the largest company in the area for custom parts and professionals repairs. We give our customers the options that they need that matters when it comes to customizing your billiard table and having a new table installed.

When you install custom

It shows. We allow people to have billiard tables that make a statement and that go against the grain in terms of what is available to our customers. If you are one of the people that has been discouraged about the shape of the billiard industry. Those that have been looking for a new way to enjoy their billiards table and a new style to give them what they need to be original. Join us as we blaze new trails with our custom table builds and parts.